With the FBI, I could guarantee the opposite; my call would be recorded. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Guarantee" in Example Sentences Page 1. The one thing in life that is always a guarantee is change. The words vegetable enzymes are a guarantee that the rennet is vegan, but enzymes is generic enough term that it can refer to both animal and vegan sources. While this is no guarantee of ethical behavior, it is at least an indication of ongoing professional involvement. 2. Finally, a reputable breeder will offer some kind of health guarantee. Be wary of doctors or practices that claim or guarantee permanent hair removal. CM 1 3327772 Can you guarantee that? I can't guarantee I'll have time for you the rest of the week. The Internet provides a platform for everyone, but it does not guarantee that the information you receive is correct or that all recommended training methods are safe for your pet. Look for customer testimonials or a money back guarantee if the online store isn't widely known. use "guarantee" in a sentence But that's not a guarantee the entire 198-acre lake will be ready. Matt's Music Page: Even though Matt prefaces his list of tabs with, "Sorry, but it is impossible for me to guarantee the accuracy of all tabs," he still does a great job compiling tabs for Three Days Grace's music. assurance within an agreement that specific conditions be satisfied . use "guarantee" in a sentence But that's not a guarantee the entire 198-acre lake will be ready. In fact, metal frames of coral peach, deep red, and chocolate brown all but guarantee that your teen will be able to find a pair that they love! When Carnival cruise cabin assignments do change is for guarantee category cabins. English words and Examples of Usage use "guarantees" in a sentence He has a clause in his contract which guarantees him a certain percentage of the profits. Additionally, The Glasses Shop offers a 90-day money back guarantee. 1. a formal assurance, esp in writing, that a product, service, etc, will meet certain standards or specifications. Random good picture Not show. both army and navy, but advocated cordial relations with Berlin and Vienna as a guarantee against French domineering, and as a pledge that Italy would be vouchsafed time to effect her armaments without disturbing financial equilibrium. Guaranty definition is - an undertaking to answer for the payment of a debt or the performance of a duty of another in case of the other's default or miscarriage. Its extensive holdings almost guarantee a breakthrough in the genealogical brick wall. Even if you've used a particular brand before, there's no guarantee that you won't experience irritation with various products from the line. All the companies, except the Nord, have at one time or another had to take advantage of the guarantee, and the fact that the Ouest had been one of the most persistent and heavy borrowers in this respect was one of the reasons that induced the government to take it over as from the 1st of January 1909. The financial situation in Venezuela was for a long time extremely complicated and discreditable, owing to defaults in the payment of public debts, complications arising from the guarantee of interest on railways and other public works, responsibility for damages to private property during civil wars and bad administration. When you buy a car, you get a service guarantee. Examples of Guarantee in a sentence. asinine claims I hear through the grapevine. 1 : to undertake to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of guarantee a loan. The mere fact that a distinguished statesman who had served the last two absolute kings of Denmark now voluntarily placed himself at the head of a ministry which included the most advanced of the popular agitators, gave the new government the hall-mark of stability and trustworthiness, whilst the fact that he still retained the ministry of finance was of itself a guarantee of security during the earlier years of a troublesome and costly war. took up his abode at the hotel Talleyrand, and there occurred the conference wherein the statesman persuaded the victorious potentate that the return of the Bourbons was the only possible solution of the French problem, and that the principle of legitimacy alone would guarantee Europe against the aggrandizement of any one state or house. How to use guaranty in a sentence. Guarantee means a guarantee other than by endorsement of negotiable instruments for collection in the ordinary course of business, direct or indirect, in any manner including, without limitation, by way of a pledge of assets or through letters of credit or reimbursement agreements in respect thereof, of all or any part of any … How to use no guarantee in a sentence. The average guarantee ranges from three to fourteen days. Examples of best guarantee in a sentence, how to use it. There's no guarantee that doing so will translate to higher returns. 192. 1879810 Don't deny it. Styles from the 1950s and '60s are fun and flattering, and you can guarantee that if you wear a fake leopard coat at night, no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Waiting until the last minute will not guarantee you the lowest price. Still, you'll never be able to use the price guarantee if you don't look for possible cheaper prices. He not only re-established the Prussian legation to the Vatican, suppressed since 1874, and omitted from the imperial message to the Reichstag (17th November 1881) all reference to King Humberts visit to Vienna, but took occasion on the n9th of November to refer to Italy as a country tottering on the verge of revolution, and opened in the German semi-official press ~ campaign in favor of an international guarantee for the independence of the papacy. You can also find out if there is a section of the ship that is reserved for those who are 18 and older, even if your ship can't guarantee that there will be no children at all on the ship. Some see the guarantee, or at least the indication, of infallibility in the consensus of the Church (quod semper, ubique, et ab omnibus) expressed from time to time in general councils; others see it in the special grace conferred upon St Peter and his successors, the bishops of Rome, as heads of the Church; others again see it in the inspired Scriptures, God's Word. 55. These benefits are provided by lenders who, in turn, have received a guarantee from the government that the lender will be compensated if a homeowner defaults on any of these specially-designed mortgages. Guarantee; Guaranteeing; Guaranteed; Guarantees; 1. A guaranteehas been given that there will be no job losses if plans to merge key public services into one giant organisation goes ahead. CK 1 2271954 I won't deny it. It is important to note that even if you utilize a mortgage calculator directly from the official website for your mortgage lender, the total mortgage payment estimate is not a guarantee of how much your payment will be. Virgil Sollozzo : If you're wo There's no guarantee that doing so will translate to higher returns. But the mere paying out of sufficient slack is not a guarantee that the cable will always lie closely along the bottom or be free from spans. The "cash on delivery" or "collect on delivery" system, known as C.O.D., is one whereby a tradesman can, through a delivery agency, send goods to a customer, and have the money due to him collected on the delivery of the same, with a guarantee from the carrier that, if no money be collected, the goods shall be returned. Ascension Funeral Services makes the guarantee that the funeral services they offer will never be overpriced and will always be to the desires of the clients. | To assume or take responsibility for a debt or other obligation. Meanwhile he took care to curb the excesses of the Italian Jacobins and to encourage the Moderates, who were favorable to the French connection as promising a guarantee against Austrian domination and internal anarchy. Guarantor : One who guarantees an obligation and has a legal duty to fulfill it. 176+24 sentence examples: 1. Just because things went well last month doesn't guarantee they will this month. The FSC logo is your guarantee that you are buying quality wood from environmentally aware, well managed sources. We cannot guarantee adequate supplies of raw materials. If the profs and prophets reckon the balloon's going up, you can guaranteeit's not hot air. 2245805 I guarantee it. These incentives help the cruise line guarantee that every cabin is filled. Although that accreditation is worthwhile, it doesn't always speak for the quality of a school's program; instead, it's a guarantee that a specific program isn't a "diploma mill" or a scam. At the conclusion of the debate the convention by a vote of 184 to 84 declared itself unwilling to ratify the constitution until a bill of rights had been added and it had been amended in several other particulars so as to guarantee certain powers to the states. Even with the best laid plans, you can't guarantee that you won't face a rain-out situation on at least one day of your vacation, plus, you may simply need a day off the rides. A great deal is only as good as the company standing behind the guarantee. Remington shavers had a replacement guarantee, and Kiam decided to give the new jewelry line a lifetime replacement guarantee. A fee is paid at the start of the season, which usually lasts from early spring to late fall, with a guarantee the delivery of a goodie basket each week. Passengers who opt for a guarantee cabin but aren't satisfied with their assignment have very few options to correct it because most ships are fully booked when they set sail. While pricier paints are typically better quality than their cheaper counterparts, simply picking the most expensive gallon of paint on the shelf isn't enough to guarantee the house paint quality you're after. the membrane is what Gore-Tex promotes as waterproof. When you buy used Wii games from Gamefly, they guarantee the discs and check them for quality issues; include the original case and manuals; and give Gamefly members free shipping on used game sales. A careful, calculating dynastic policy, which aimed at the establishment of an equilibrium by means of prudent compromises and defensive alliances, was, he rightly judged, the best guarantee for the future safety and glory of Poland. Disney last minute cruise deals guarantee you a spot on the ship at deeply discounted rates. The company offers a 30-day trial and money-back guarantee to help users make the selection that is right for them. They're already cut to fit when you get them, and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All right, you know you'll be in your high school yearbook, but how can you guarantee you'll look good? My mother guaranteed that I would get in trouble if I talked back to her again, and I knew better than to test her. The site boasts of easy returns and offers an authenticity guarantee. 3 : to give security to guaranteed her against loss. Most commonly, census takers work between 20 and 40 hours per week during peak project periods, but there is no guarantee that a certain number of hours will be available on an ongoing basis or for any given length of time. When a concert auditorium is filled to capacity, no guarantee of a seat is given. Applicants who plan on utilizing a VA guarantee should apply for their certificate far in advance. When a passenger chooses a guarantee cabin assignment, they are assured of getting at least the lowest class of cabin in that specific category. The vigorous pursuit of policies is no, 15. Their guarantee is the tireless criticism carried on by rival systems. We can't guarantee our workers' regular employment. Even the great white male privilege didn’t guarantee happiness. Bamboo Combat Extreme Bone Tug - Made of strong nylon, this toy offers a battle tested guarantee for endurance. The guarantee list of example sentences with guarantee. The company extends a 100 percent guarantee and return policy on all products. We could use some kind of central bank guarantee, or government bonds. This free trial code is often specific to the game or the vendor, so there is no guarantee. However, it's important to note that this guarantee only applies to pants tagged Sag Harbor's Fitting GuaranteeTM, so double check what you're buying if the guarantee is important to you. (e) Again, not all dogmatic teachings of the pope are under the guarantee of infallibility; neither his opinions as private instructor, nor his official allocutions, however authoritative they may be, are infallible; it is only his ex cathedra instruction which is guaranteed; this is admitted by everybody. The systems of guarantee above described are clearly faulty, since theoretically the railway company which ran no trains at all would, up to the limit of its guarantee, make the largest profits. Sure, there is no guarantee you'll get the job, but you should still wear a good suit and shoes. thick are found) is a guarantee of almost inexhaustible resources. The company also offers a 105 percent price match guarantee. Fine, but I guarantee she'll be on board. India Tailored: This company is so confident with their service that they are willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. When using a tweezers, there is no guarantee that the hair will be pulled out by its follicle. CK 1 2271826 I don't deny it. As a guarantee of his good faith the king surrendered the city of London to his foes, while the Tower was entrusted to the neutral keeping of the archbishop of Canterbury. Unfortunately, the fact that you apply for a work permit does not guarantee that one will be granted. Safety latches do not guarantee protection, but they can make it more difficult for children to reach dangerous substances. Such was the situation when the question of a European guarantee of Turkey was raised at the Congress of Vienna. 11. All dog beds purchased through Big Dog Beds come with a lifetime guarantee. These pants, along with the company guarantee, can make a huge difference in your hunting experience. This is the only way you can guarantee that you'll get out of debt sooner rather than later. Find more ways to say guarantees, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the … If they offer some sort of money-back guarantee, even if it's for only 30 days, this can be great for your peace of mind. Although FHA does not fund mortgage loans, an FHA guarantee may allow Cedar Grove first time home buyers to receive a mortgage which they may not have otherwise qualified for. : The insulation can be sprayed in wet or blown in dry, is fire resistant, and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, negative results are not a guarantee that the person does not have hereditary fructose intolerance. 20 examples: I believe that, after all, a democratic basis is the best guarantee for a just…. Lia Sophia has more mils of plating than any other costume jewelry in the United States - and they offer a lifetime guarantee. The new system of waiting lists should. But his greatest financial measures were his attempt to fund the French debt and his establishment of annuities under the guarantee of the state. Nothing is guaranteed in this league and in life, period. You will climb through areas that seem impossible, and I guarantee that you will have to retry many sections at least a couple of times. However, there is no guarantee that one will be granted. Examples of Guaranteed in a sentence The company guaranteed that they would reimburse all of their clients for the faulty product they had bought. Customers should note, however, that this "guarantee" does not cover the exterior of the pants. 100 examples: The return of contributions cannot be guaranteed unless return postage is… You got a lot of physical attraction I can't deny, but can you guarantee me satisfaction. How to use guarantee in a sentence. He arranged the collective guarantee of the neutrality of Luxemburg in 1867, negotiated a convention about the " Alabama," which, however, was not ratified, and most wisely refused to take any part in the Cretan troubles. | To make something certain. Slowly work iron from scalp to ends, making sure you use firm pressure to guarantee an even grip. I'll do what I can to get you more frequent updates, but I can't guarantee anything. Whether you opt for moderately sexy or all-out alluring, you can guarantee you'll find something here that meets your needs. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Definition of Guarantee. This means there is no way to guarantee the dose or effectiveness of any herbal product you purchase. The permit is a license to hunt and does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Deny" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2. But when once revision or rewriting is conceded, there is absolutely no guarantee that the present Pentateuch is in any way identical with the five books which tradition ascribed to Moses (q.v. Contracts. There was no guarantee she'd make it to safety or that he'd live long enough to find her. The demand of the Greeks for the expulsion of Macedonian garrisons from Demetrias, Chalcis and Corinth, as the only guarantee for the freedom of Greece, was refused, and negotiations were broken off. Living together before you marry is no, 22. To guarantee special diet arrangements, prospective passengers should notify their travel agent when making their cruise reservations. In its most basic form (which I'll discuss here for simplification's sake), it is a guarantee of a minimum income above the poverty line for every citizen. The lender should offer a pricing or interest rate guarantee. Waiting times vary and there is no guarantee that there will be a suitable dog available for every application. For the best results, look for pocket door frames and hardware that offer a guarantee that doors will stay true and not have problems jumping their tracks. The first to secede were the land powers of Greece proper, whose subordination Athens had endeavoured to guarantee by supporting the democratic parties in the various states. The Moslem leaders acquiesced in the arrangement, which the powers undertook to guarantee, and, notwithstanding some symptoms of discontent at Candia, there was every reason to hope that the island was now entering upon a period of tranquillity. The bonds are secured on the surplus of the revenues assigned to the guarantee of the Anatolian railway collected by the Public Debt Administration, on the excess revenue, after certain deductions, accruing to the government under the " Annex-Decree to the Decree of Muharrem " above described, on the sheep tax of the vilayets of Koniah, Adana and Aleppo, and on the railway itself. the princess Catherine and guarantee the constitutional liberties of the realm.

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