This limited-edition set is modeled after Page's beloved 1959 Fender Telecaster.At each stage in its evolution, this legendary guitar produced some of … Please refresh the page and try again. As a practice tool, it’s ideal; there is an auxiliary input so you can play along to your favorite tracks. The dragon pants are strictly optional. what songs recorded on it (other than stairway)? No expense spared: Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Beck bought the guitar anyway – actually a 1954 Esquire rather than a Tele – and set about modifying his new purchase by adding a black scratchplate and replacing the rusted steel saddles with brass ones from another guitar. He then stripped it down and repainted it himself with a dragon motif - thus, it became his ‘Dragon Tele.’. Strap on one of the best electric guitars available right now For £275 the Squier Standard Telecaster offers the classic looks, rosewood 'board and bright and ballsy tone of Jimmy's squeeze. In December 2009, Gibson released the 'Jimmy Page … This guitar was sold in 2008 with a run of 25, again signed by Page, plus an additional 500 unsigned guitars. Telecaster number two is a standard American model, heavily modded towards a Plus configuration to replace Jonny’s original Plus of choice which was stolen along with a vanload of gear at a gig in Denver, 1995. Let's look at what gear and equipment has been seen in Led Zepplin's Jimmy Page's Guitar Rig. One of the best wahs on the market, the Clyde Deluxe has three modes - Jimi, Shaft and Wacked - and a 10-step variable input level control. Greenwood’s main guitar (pictured) is a sunburst version one Telecaster Plus. Jimmy Page is my favorite guitarist of all time, and I've been looking for an American Telecaster with a rosewood neck, so this was a no brainer. But there was also an EKO Ranger 6 and an E-Ros Dakota 606 amongst others. Another doozy from Fulltone, the Soul Bender is modeled after the Coloursound and Vox III Series ToneBenders of the 1960s. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Jimmy Page's custom mirrored &. ... Amazon Music Stream millions of songs: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers: Essential. anyone have any info on this tele? In the late ‘70s, Prince Rogers Nelson fell in love with Telecasters - only they weren’t true Teles; they were ‘Tele’-style guitars made by Hohner. Prince could activate a switch and shoot out the liquid.“, And just what was that up-till-now secret liquid? Jimmy Page is identified with the 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard the same way Jimi Hendrix is identified with a white Stratocaster.But when your singer is rock’s Golden God, and you’ve been making music professionally for more than 50 years, things are a bit more complicated. On a budget: Epiphone 1963 AJ-45S He most famously used a Martin D-28, a Gibson J-200 and a Harmony Sovereign H-1260. Save up to $100 on Apple’s M1 Mac mini: is this your next music production computer? 4.2 out of 5 stars 8. Bath No expense spared: Gibson Custom Slash Signed 1966 EDS-1275 in Aged Ebony The 60th anniversary of the ’59 Les Paul has seen Gibson’s Custom Shop go into forensic detail in creating period-authentic replicas. No expense spared: Gibson Custom 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard Coxon’s main Blur guitars were USA ’52 reissues, while these days he uses a variety, including a blonde ’68 model with a Gibson PAF at the neck, and a lake placid blue ’60 Custom Shop Relic (pictured). Case closed. Jimmy Page has played a number of guitar models over his career, including the Danelectro 3021, the Fender Telecaster, the Gibson Les Paul DeLuxe and the double-neck Gibson EDS-1275, most famously used during live shows to perform “Stairway to … Fortunately, we don't have very far to look, since Page recorded only one album with the band—1967's Little Games—plus a few non-album singles and B-sides, all of which have wound up on deluxe versions of Little Games over the decades.. Back in 2016, Classic Rock crowned Jimmy Page's solo on Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven as the greatest of all time. The most authentic reproduction of the most sought-after electric guitar in history - the holy grail - the 1959 Les Paul Standard. No expense spared: Martin D-28 Believe it. Neck: Custom-wound Jimmy Page '59 Tele Bridge: Custom-wound Jimmy Page '59 Tele Brand: Fender Custom shop Active or passive pickups: Passive Series or parallel: Parallel Controls. Now I’m just a Telecaster maniac, I suppose…”. Fender Telecaster All rights reserved. Jimmy Page was born on 9th January 1944. Originally received as an undecorated gift from Jeff Beck, he used this 1959 Telecaster to unleash his larger-than-life riffage and fierce soloing upon the world. The film tells of how Jimmy was gifted the plain white Telecaster by Jeff Beck after Page had recommended him for … Bridge … It’s no secret that Jimmy Page has long had a thing about dragons. There is that shot of the Yardbirds playing in Scandinavia in early 67, the recent Guitar World article has a pic that says January 67 I believe. Also, Page famously recorded some of his finest solos with the Telecaster, solos like in Stairway To Heaven , and Ten Years Gone were done on the Telecaster, and huge parts of the album In Through The … Posing in front of a framed lithograph it looked as though she had a halo round her head. Originally painted white, Page added eight reflective circles to it in 1967. Looking to emulate that pristine Stairway to Heaven twang? Visit our corporate site. Page is playing his 1959 Telecaster, which he used to record Led Zeppelin's debut album. Little wonder. The model that saw the most action was a ‘59 or ‘60 Tele gifted to Page by fellow Yardbird Jeff Beck in 1966. Sure it’s odd, an offset body with a hockey-stick neck, but there is nothing quite like its jangle and shimmer, and if you want to nail the Stairway tone on tape this is what you want. Although Jimmy Web page is typically connected with another traditional single-cut solidbody electric flute, it has been a Telecaster that powered the Yardbirds' final years, Led Zeppelin's debut, and one of stone songs's nearly all iconic solos. You can’t talk about Jimmy Page’s guitars without mentioning his 1961 Danelectro 'short horn' 3021/DC59. Visit our corporate site. The neck is from a ’67 Stratocaster and the body is an early ’60s Tele. the ultimate Page set is the ReWind "JPPost72". The instrument was the main guitar used on Led Zeppelin and was later used to record the iconic solo for “Stairway to Heaven." BA1 1UA. © This is pretty much the same guitar but with Page’s dragon finish. A magnificent delay at an incredible price - and more commonly acquired as one half of Keeley’s Caverns reverb/delay pedal - this will give you 40ms to 600ms of warm tape-style echo. In 1952, they moved to Feltham and then to Miles Road, Epsom in Surrey. “They were exact to the original: flamed maple top, ash body, walnut strip running down the middle, stock Tele pickups. In the video below, Jimmy Page shares the psychedelic story behind his famous Fender guitar. Beck played various Telecasters from that point onwards but was put off by the rosewood fingerboards featured on Fender’s new models: “I wanted a maple neck. Today we turn our attention to Page's best guitar work with his former band. Public service announcements…with guitar! The Gibson string gauge or more commonly referred to as Jimmy Page string gauge has been since many years one of the prime labels as far as the guitar world is concerned. Keith Richards has played plenty of guitars over the years, but he’s most readily identified with the Fender Telecaster. Known as the ’Brown Bomber,’ it was utilized on tracks like Hot Dog and Ten Years Gone. Guitarist: Jimmy Page. Electro-Harmonix Ram’s Head Big Muff fuzz pedal  This is a stunning, supremely resonant acoustic that will only get better with age. The headstock’s CBS-style Fender logo confirms that at the neck (at least) was manufactured after CBS bought the company in late ’65. To celebrate Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary as well as Jimmy Page’s illustrious career as a guitar icon, Fender Guitars will release a line of four signature Telecaster guitars in 2019. During much of the ’80s, Page continued to play the Brown Bomber. Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster Fender planned to launch a Rosewood Telecaster alongside a Rosewood Stratocaster, with Harrison and Jimi Hendrix the intended recipients. That is no surprise considering t… $2,499.99. If the Friedman was an unorthodox choice, then the Black Magick is as close as you’ll get to Page’s modified Supro on today’s market. He is an English musician, songwriter and record producer who achieved international success as guitarist and the leader of the rock band Led Zeppelin. Jimmy didn't just employ this gear over the first couple of Led Zep albums, he used his old Yardbirds Tele and Supro amp on the solo for Stairway To Heaven. Catalinbread Royal Albert Hall WIIO (RAH Hiwatt Emulation) overdrive  There is arguably none better than the Dirty Shirley. It has a custom “Oval C”-profile neck with a period-appropriate 7.25-inch rosewood fingerboard for an old-school feel. The guitar itself currently resides in pickup designer Seymour Duncan’s private collection. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Without further ado, let's start the ball rolling with Jimmy Page. When Jeff Beck started his short tenure in The Yardbirds in 1965, he didn’t actually have a guitar to call his own and had to loan the band’s red Tele for early gigs. On a budget? It helped launch Page’s career in The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin, and the guitar was used to record “Led Zeppelin I” along with countless hit songs on world-renowned albums. Eh, good luck. Fender has revealed progress on its recreated custom and production models of the classic Dragon Telecaster electric guitar that Jimmy Page used both with the Yardbirds and with Led Zepellin, including on his famous solo on "Stairway To Heaven. A vintage styled bridge pickup in the 6.0-6.5k range would get you in the ball park of Jimmy's Tele tone. Of course, it looks cool, too. Read more: G&L Fullerton Deluxe Comanche. A fuss-free and hugely configurable Marshall practice amp with onboard effects, this is an excellent option for rock players on a budget. The amp-like feel is extended to the pedal’s three-band EQ, which sees bass, middle and treble interact with one another. What follows is part one of a gallery of Telecaster and Esquire-toting gunslingers who have all shaped the face of rock 'n' roll and popular music through a blend of technique, passion and instinct. Use this to push an already pushed tube amp into warm fuzz-crunch nirvana. Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy an american made Fender Telecaster and my main goal for it is to get me that sweet Jimmy Page '59 Tele tone that he gets in the studio. Morello has sculpted his own unique sound using the same Marshall amp, a small selection of effects and just a handful of guitars over the years. Jimmy Page has a very distinct taste when it comes to the instruments that he plays. When it comes to drop-D riffing, he turns to a black stock 1982 Telecaster: “I needed a guitar that I could down-tune, and my roommate at the time traded me his Telecaster for an extra amp that I had, and that became my drop-D guitar. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Royal Teaburst is perhaps the closest to Page’s aged Authentic Burst. One of the best pedals to recreate the vintage mojo of the EP-3 tape delay, the Belle Epoch is hugely configurable, capable of rockabilly slapback delay and more extreme psychedelic effects such as rotary swirl and self-oscillation. Even if you don’t replace the Grover tuners and rewire the bridge pickup so you have out-of-phase tones on tap, you’ll still have the acme of Les Paul tone at hand to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your execution of Immigrant Song’s rhythm figure one. Sadowsky doesn't disappoint: “Ivory dish detergent," he says with a laugh. This is my third purchase from Wildwood and it is another fantastic guitar, perfect setup and it arrived with … With The Police, Summers matched his Tele (Gibson PAF humbucker in the neck, stock Fender pickup in the bridge, plus a preamp and an out-of-phase switch) with a vast array of effects (MXR Dyna Comp, Phase 90, Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger, Roland guitar synths) on hits like Don’t Stand So Close To Me, Driven To Tears, Can’t Stand Losing You - the list goes on and on. His famous mirror-disc guitar was actually a Fender Esquire which he covered in silver sticky-back sheeting and thin metal discs (the same kind Jimmy Page also used to adorn his guitar). “It’s ironic as the Telecaster is not a ‘heavy metal’ guitar, yet it was the guitar that played all of the Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave riffs that are in drop-D tuning.”. Jimmy Page’s number one was famously sold to him by Joe Walsh (then of the James Gang, later of the Eagles) in 1969 for just $1,200, and would go on to replace his Telecaster as his weapon of choice. By Christopher Scapelliti April 08, 2020. On a budget: Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby  You will receive a verification email shortly. The Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster is an homage to that guitar, which began life in its factory White Blonde lacquer finish, then became the “mirror guitar” before taking on its final form – a magical one-of-a-kind instrument, hand-painted by Page himself, that would go on to produce some of the most iconic riffs of the 20th Century. Apparently, Page and his bandmate Jeff Beck were on electric guitars on this particular song which was the only single featuring this unique arrangement. But the Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Telecaster is still widely available in both Mirror and Dragon, and besides coming equipped with two custom Jimmy Page ’59 Telecaster pickups and, capturing all the treble-forward energy of Page’s early Zeppelin … 1959 Blond Fender Telecaster Page predominantly plays Les Paul Standards, including his No. Aside from a bridge with individual saddles and six ’F’-style tuners, Strummer made little in the way of modifications. Almost certainly, Polly Jean Harvey recording a session for the late, great John Peel, (Image credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Corbis), Barrett, when Pink Floyd were 'The' Pink Floyd, (Image credit: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS), Harrison in 1992, returning to the Telecaster outline, (Image credit: Matthew Polak/Sygma/Corbis). Rumour has it that the guitar was briefly spray painted pink! The only difference was the copper tubing running alongside the truss rod that ran into a cavity of the guitar at one end and termintated at the headstock. Page continued to use his B-bender into the Eighties with the Firm and the Honeydrippers. And for those who doubt The Boss’s skills on the six string, check out his soloing on Adam Raised A Cain. Jimmy Page Guitars. Little else has been changed to the workhorse guitar (Bruce would add Joe Barden dual-rail single-coil-sized humbuckers in other Telecasters), although in the mid-’80s noted New York luthier Roger Sadowsky did some ’waterproofing’ to the pickups to guard against Springsteen’s profuse sweating during shows. It appeared all over Led Zeppelin I, turning up again for the Stairway to Heaven solo. The goal? Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster - Natural with Artwork. So you want to sound like Jimmy Page. Fender Electric XII Discover new music and watch shows from around the world with Show4me’s new app and enhanced site, Roland MC-707 and MC-101: two Grooveboxes that are just getting better with age, Steve Lukather on guitar tab: "Why would you learn that if you can learn how to read music? Throughout most of his career, Morse relied on a Frankenstein Tele which boasted more mods than you can shake a headstock at. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Today's best Martin D-28 and Epiphone 1963 AJ-45S deals, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, (Image credit: Robert Knight Archive/Redferns), Squier Classic Vibe '60s Custom Telecaster, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The Pickport Studio is a pick holder that attaches to just about any part of your guitar, The best-selling pedals of 2020 have been revealed, Two played-and-smashed Kurt Cobain Fender Stratocasters are up for auction, Harley Benton launches two ukuleles adorned with Hawaiian tattoo-style artwork, Recording King unveils its second parlor-sized resonator, the Swamp Dog Parlor. Here is the quick history on Jimmy Page’s famous “Dragon” Fender Telecaster that he used with Led Zeppelin and the actual guitar used to play the solo on “Stairway To Heaven.”. For that reason when a solo arrives in one of Elvis’ songs we might hear the words: “Play the song Jimmy”, followed by a Telecaster making perfect melodies. Polly Jean Harvey’s mixture of chiming chords and angular riffs couldn’t be more suited to the Fender Telecaster. Page also used a variety of wahs, and an MXR Blue Box Octave Fuzz – most notably on the Fool in the Rain solo. This is many wahs in one pedal, and it’s built tough. June 26, 2020 May 2, 2020 by Famous People Today's Staff The Telecaster is a versatile guitar, which is usable for most styles of music and has been used in many genres, including reggae, country, folk, rock, … Based on the Supro combo Page donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, and developed with Lenny Kravitz – who added all-tube spring reverb, independent bass and treble controls and a master volume - this is Jimmy Page, the amplifier. It was something about the slimness of the neck. In the pantheon of signature guitars, there are surely few cooler. (Image credit: JazzSign/Lebrecht Music & Arts/Corbis), Greenwood and his main Telecaster Plus in action, (Image credit: HERBERT P. OCZERET/epa/Corbis), Some of RATM's biggest riffs are Telecaster-driven, (Image credit: Paul Hebert/Icon SMI/Corbis), The coolest Telecaster player of all time? ". Equally significant was Page’s Echoplex tape delay, which not only added that delicious echo effect with organic decay, but warmth via its preamp. Jimmy Page is using a violin bow on his ‘Mirror’ Telecaster, the subject of a recent Fender tribute model In The Yardbirds, Jimmy had worked alongside Jeff Beck since joining in the summer of 1965 and when he shifted to guitar, he mostly played a Telecaster borrowed from Jeff. Page did plenty of London session work in the mid-'60s. Guitars Cool Notes: Jimmy Page is reputed to own over 1500 different guitars. Though widely associated with Gibsons (Les Pauls, EDS-1275 double necks), Jimmy Page has made extensive use of Fender Telecasters. A seriously good guitar that’s a steal at the price. When it comes to spec, you're on the same, er, Page here with an alder body, maple neck, rosewood 'board and punchy singlecoil pickups. There is little wonder the Mexican-built Player Series is so popular; it offers vintage tone with a more contemporary feel at a seriously competitive price. Who can forget the scene where His Royal Badness jumps up on an amp, points his guitar at the crowd and lets his instrument ‘ejaculate’? One of Keith’s most iconic guitars is Micawber, the early 1950s butterscotch Tele he’s owned since Exile On Main St. that’s his number one open-G guitar. A lot of drilling and chiseling? In the 1971’s, this was the collection that produced his best songs and propelled the band to its success. I'm already running the Vox AC30 and that was his main studio amp. He’s got a lovely old Telecaster, and that was it. Features of the String gauge of a Standard Gibson Les Paul. Syd Barrett’s sporadic guitar work with Pink Floyd offers a classic showcase of Telecaster tone – from brash, ringing chords to glassy, piercing lead lines. Jimmy Page, a well-known guitarist, had his success as a member and the leader of a rock band Led Zeppelin in England. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Jimmy's Tele WAS modded- the dragon paint job, and the flattened radius, but the electronics that produce the tone were stock. This Tele’s Alnico V pickups are supremely versatile. Join the club! MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. There are a number of newly commissioned master-built Jimmy Page Telecasters, signed by Page himself. Barrett had two main Teles. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first album,Jimmy Page teamed up with Fender to recreate his "Dragon" Telecaster guitar. 99. Donovan and Jimmy Page perform songs from Donovan’s 1966 classic album ‘Sunshine Superman’ with the London Contemporay Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall on 3 June 2011 in London, United Kingdom. It was so comfortable; I really couldn’t quite believe it. It ships with the mirrors but you’ve got to apply them yourself, or not - a manageable craft project that’s infinitely easier than mastering the nuances in Page’s phrasing and string-bending. "Jimmy Page's classic guitar solo on Stairway to Heaven was played on a 1958 Fender Telecaster plugged into a Supro amp. The Classic Vibe series is an awesome entry-level option for vintage Fender tone. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sessions on Good Morning, Good Morning. Jimmy's 1960 neck PAF that he used throughout the 70's had an output of 8.69k when it was measured (in the circuit) about 5-6 years ago. Not only were PA systems underdeveloped in Led Zeppelin’s early years, but the power with which John Bonham hit his drums necessitated plenty of volume from Page’s amplifiers. The Esquire’s peculiar, Strat-like contours sanded into the front and back were actually there before Jeff acquired it. Click the gear images for more info and specs at Guitar Center and Amazon. But none of these got too far in front of that connection between his guitar and his amp, and the use of his volume controls to control how much gain was in his signal. It has also been speculated that this was the guitar Paul used to record Helter Skelter. We’ve got you covered. And more to the point, those guitars we know he used, for with Jimmy Page, there is legend piled high over myth. Note that Page’s original went missing in 1970 mid-tour… he was eventually reunited with it in 2016. In 2000, after winning the Mercury Music Prize for her spellbinding Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea album, Harvey is believed to have purchased her own 1960s Telecaster. It helped launch Page’s career in The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin, and the guitar was used to record “Led Zeppelin I” along with countless hit songs on world-renowned albums. Greenwood and Radiohead guitar tech Plank have also added a killswitch and various wiring mods, plus a couple of nice scratchplate stickers. Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster by Robert Dye May 1, 2020, 5:03 pm Fender debuted the Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster in 2019 and the guitars are making the rounds in … Or perhaps the pounding riff of Immigrant Song? From all appearances, the neck is a ’57-‘58 Esquire and the body is from a Telecaster (circa ’60-’63). 10 Famous Telecaster Players (Jimmy Page?) Please refresh the page and try again. To that end, Page used a Tone Bender fuzz box, designed by Roger Mayer. This has heaps of LP mojo. But he changed its look often: the word ’NOISE’ was stenciled on the upper part of the body, an ’Ignore Alien Orders’ sticker was placed above the bridge, a rasta flag sticker was affixed at the horn of the pickguard and a large question mark was spray-painted on the back of the instrument. First entering production as the single-pickup Esquire and twin-pickup Broadcaster in 1950, for many guitarists, Leo got it right first time. MXR Blue Box M103 Octave Fuzz Page's custom shop "mirror" and "dragon" Telecaster models — … Now it's the turn of Clarence Leonidas Fender's pioneering debut solidbody; the Fender Telecaster. © Neck profile: Jimmy Page Custom Thin "D" Scale: 648 mm (25.5") Nut width: 41.9 mm (1.65") Fretboard radius: 184 mm (7.25") 21 Vintage frets; Synthetic bone nut; Pickups: 2 Jimmy Page Custom Tele single coils (bridge and neck) 1 Volume knob and 1 tone knob; 3-Way toggle switch; Custom pickguard: Refractive material under transparent pickguard From 1975 to well into the 1980s, a black Tele Custom (pictured) was his main standard tuning electric onstage. You could buy one in Brunswick Blue Sparkle from Guitar Center’s Platinum Collection but we are talking rock excess here so why not go all in with this replica of Slash’s own EDS-1275? Jimmy Page shares the psychedelic story behind his famous Fender guitar. "Simple as that.". The 1958 Blond Fender Telecaster was given to Page by Jeff Beck when they were both members of The Yardbirds.. Here’s Beck playing what would become the “Dragon” guitar with a homemade black pick guard.

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