We pride ourselves as having the best topiaries in the country and our product speaks for itself. "Compacta" sweet myrtle thrives in full sun, or bright, direct light for at least six to eight hours each day, but it will also tolerate partial shade. Prune after the shrub finishes blooming in mid to late summer to avoid cutting off the blooms prematurely. Myrtle Topiary Triple Ball - Real Live houseplant in a 6" Plastic Pot - Myrtle communis. It may be alive, but it will be quite unattractive. Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Myrtle Bonsai Tree Position: The myrtle can be kept indoors but it needs a lot of light and air. The perfect look especially in a topiary style like this with that perfect orange pot. A privet plant grows at 10 times the rate of a boxwood. Never let them sit in a saucer of water, and never let them completely dry out. Part sun in winter is ok. Filtered sunlight is ideal but will tolerate low levels. Myrtle Topiary Care Instructions. Bottom line, trim your topiary plants as needed to keep them looking nice. FREE Shipping. 96. Care Water thoroughly. Onto the care of these living collectibles. Shearing back the remaining growth by no more than one-third with a pair of hedge trimmers will shape the shrub and encourage lateral branching. If rainfall is less than this, touch the soil around the shrub to feel its moisture content. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. And make sure to stake and tie your topiary to support it’s shape, we use bamboo and raffia for this and both are readily available (bamboo stakes at most hardware stores, raffia at most craft or floral supply stores), inexpensive and have a natural appeal. Eventually, as the dead leaves drop off, you will be left with long, leggy, bare stems with leaves only at the tips. Shop Plants & Trees By USDA Zone. I have been growing myrtle topiaries as houseplants for nearly 10 years. We grow Myrtle Topiary plants for distribution to wholesalers. Give them plenty of light – they prefer to be in sun in their native habitat, so a dark room won’t give them the light they need. Here are some general pointers for topiary care: During the winter, most plants used as topiary will appreciate a cool, bright location with ample humidity. As such it is genetically adapted to warm, bright, dry (not humid) and windy conditions where it must often struggle to survive. Myrtle Topiary Care Give them plenty of light – they prefer to be in sun in their native habitat, so a dark room won’t give them the light they need. Here is a quick look and examination and explanation on how we create a myrtle topiary from A to Z! The bark and roots are used to tan the finest Turkish and Russian leather to which they impart a delicate scent. How often you trim your topiary plants will depend on climate, fertilization and the typical growth rate of a specific plant species. Please check out our Product selection and contact us for more information or for access to the wholesale price list. Come back every week for our latest tips on what to do in your yard. It is our signature and we take extreme pride in growing these wonderful, collectible plants. You will never find a more well rounded specimen in a mossy pot than from right here at Snug Harbor Farm. The timing and frequency of supplemental watering for "Compacta" sweet myrtle is based upon the amount of natural rainfall and the moisture content of the soil. It just doesn’t happen and it wouldn’t be the South without it. University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension: Myrtus Communis, How to Fertilize & Feed Pineapple Guava Shrubs. Water the plant in the morning to allow time for wet foliage to dry before nightfall. After time we again transplant the young plants into either smaller Snug Harbor Farm pots or into a standard terra-cotta grower pot depending on what the actual myrtle is destined for whether it is a spiral, standard, globe or triple tier topiary. Cut out any dead, broken or diseased branches with a pair of pruning shears. It prefers a place in semi-shade outside during the hot summer. This dwarf shrub grows will grow in any soil type as long as it is fast-draining. Lịve Topiary Myrtle – Myrtle Communis Livịng Houseplạnt– 2YR Old TRÉẸ in 6" Pot. Part sun in winter is ok. Filtered sunlight is ideal but will tolerate low levels. It's a bulky, dense, rounded plant with fine-textured foliage: glossy, bright green, oval, pointed leaves to 2 inches long, pleasantly aromatic when brushed or bruised. Native to the Mediterranean, this venerable shrub has never quite made its mark in the South. Some regular pruning on … I favor the small leaf variety myrtus communis compacta, which is great for shaping. Owning a topiary is a commitment to an art; the plants require consistent pruning to maintain the shapes, which can include circles, squares, cones or animals. From shop ArtandtheGarden ... Fairy Garden, easy care ElementalBonsaiGardn. Riding on the coattails of our last post on propagation and with our debut at Plant-O-Rama next week at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York City next week; we have had a lot of questions, emails and calls about our signature myrtle topiaries. Kennebunk, ME 04043 87 Western Avenue Since 1991, our mission is to provide plant enthusiasts with healthy, well grown, interesting plant material and unique garden accessories all with an "old world" style. On now with meticulous care of pruning and training which can take years, not to mention watering, pest management, disease control, etc. Today, we can benefit from its sweet smelling flowers, finely textured evergreen foliage and its unlimited variety of form. We propagate, re-pot and train our specimens for months onto years. Whether you spell it crape or crepe (keep in mind that the Crape Myrtle Society of America uses the “a” which is what I prefer as well), or play it safe with the universal Latin name Lagerstroemia, the versatile shrubs and trees are sturdy backbone plants that provide both lush summer flowers and striking winter texture; many have intense orange, yellow, or red fall colors as well.

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