The second will be an evaluation of the player at their position and how well they fit into the type of team you are trying to build. Games lasting 90 minutes or longer could deplete glycogen (sugar) stores, so if your morning match turns into an all-day tournament, eat plenty of smart carbs. Cacao powder is damn awesome, and I’ll talk about it in the future. They are full of fiber, are slow digesting carbohydrates and are extremely nutrient dense, especially kale (1). Hunter recommends tapering down your calorie intake as it gets closer to tryout time. Also, eating fruit or carbohydrates in general, with protein and fat slows down the digestion of the carbohydrates, which in turn helps suppress and insulin spike. This, combined with have plenty of glycogen storage, physical preparation through trainings and having some salt with breakfast or in a sports drink will keep you from getting cramps during a game and embarrassing yourself, because you’re better than that. Chewing gum for 10 seconds has been shown to improve reaction times by 7% for up to 15 minutes, because when you chew, you stimulate the promoter cortex, which prepares your brain for movement and reaction (13). “Carbo loading” the night before a game when your muscles are already rested and filled with glycogen and your liver has plenty of carbs for normal body function will just cause the extra carbohydrates to be stored as fat. Once you do begin to eat this way, you will be surprised at the difference this will make in your game. The greatest food not eaten? Since it’s high in fiber, the insulin response will not be great, but it’ll add a little extra glucose into your system right before your begin using your glycogen storages in your muscles. An extra tip: BCAAs, or branched chained amino acids, are a great option for extra insurance against going catabolic (6). So we have just covered many ways to fully prepare yourself for coming into a game as prepared as possible. Now we just need to finish off with a general take away that you can put into action with your next meal to get you a solid foundation for becoming an elite player. After knowing what to eat before a soccer game, following are general guidelines on the recommended calorie intake. I explain it more in depth in here, but just know that this energy is used for explosive movements, so we want it completely full going into a game. Examples of great pre-game meals for soccer players could be… I know every player has had at least one practice where he or she ate too much too closely to practice and then felt sick during it. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Healthy Breakfast Foods With High Carbohydrates, Lean Proteins & Low Fats. If eating like this is different for you, experiment with practices, and then move to games. My pre-game smoothie (remember since it’s not solid food to have it closer to 3 hours till game time than 4). This is about how long it takes the water to get through your system. I go into depth with amino acids and protein here. Now while this smoothie appears to be a hodgepodge of random foods, I’ve picked all of them to fill a specific need for a soccer players needs. Eat healthy … and hydrate. The dosage you would want for this would be 100mg L-Theanine per cup of Joe. 4. 30 Minutes Before Workout/During Exercise Foods: Simple carbs . How To Stand Out At Soccer Tryouts 2019 - What To Avoid - Duration: 10:05. The ultimate game day nutrition preparation. This begins with getting amino acids in our body with our last meal. Sports tryouts are more strenuous than regular exercise or activity, as added adrenaline and the pressure for an excellent performance add extra stress, mentally and physically. If you didn’t refuel your muscle glycogen storages properly the last couple days, then a small side of oatmeal can help. Fruit will help provide vitamins and minerals that help your body function as normal. But for now this article should be enough to explain why. If you drink sports drinks during games, partially freeze them. You’re not hydrating properly and you’re not getting enough electrolytes, typically potassium and sodium (4). Everyone rushes over to see if you’ve injured yourself, and you have to shamefully tell them, it’s a cramp. The nutrition basics for a soccer player. Whenever a whole teams knows these soccer player eating tips before and after games it helps with performance. Pair your carbohydrate with protein from eggs to slow the absorption of the sugars. Hunter recommends tapering down your calorie intake as it gets closer to tryout time. Each day we go from 8am to 10am. What to Eat Before Soccer Tryouts Kick Off With Breakfast. Drills and scrimmages are an important part of soccer tryouts. When it comes to food, avocado, almonds, kiwis and bananas all have the amino acid tryptophan, which is the key ingredient to making serotonin in your body (11). With the above tips, I’ve already recommended a banana before the game and plenty of water. Personally, I like to eat an hour to hour and half before game time; this allows me enough time to digest and not feel bloated, but also provides me with the energy I need during my Soccer match.

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